14 Reasons Why Mount Rinjani Deserves to be Called a 5 Star Mountaist) & Seven Benefits Of Trekking for Health You Should Know.

14 Reasons Why Mount Rinjani Deserves to be Called a 5 Star Mountaist) & Seven Benefits Of Trekking for Health You Should Know.

14 Reasons Why Mount Rinjani Deserves to be Called a 5 Star Mountain And Why You Should(Must) Climbing Mount Rinjani

Not sure whether to climb Rinjani or not? Make sure you don’t regret having missed Rinjani

Mountain climbers or mountain kids will definitely agree that Mount Rinjani is really cool! In a way, Mount Rinjani is a mandatory mountain for climbers, apart from Semeru. Rinjani has become part of their little dreams.

The exoticism of Mount Rinjani has succeeded in attracting people to come to see Dewi Anjani, another name for Mount Rinjani. Not only mountain climbers are hypnotized by the beauty of Rinjani, those who are unfamiliar with climbing are also fascinated by admiring its beauty. Even more proud, Mount Rinjani’s magnet is able to attract many foreign tourists. Ask why? Here’s why(Reason)

1. Rinjani has Lake Segara Anak which is so beautiful Mashaa Allah, very rich, Lover of the Universe
If Semeru has Ranu Kumbolo, Rinjani has Dananu Segara Anak. According to local residents, Segara Anak means child of the sea. That’s because the water of Segara Anak Lake looks bluish like sea water but the taste of fresh water is not the same as salty sea water.
The natural scenery of Lake Segara Anak is truly amazing. Shady trees, mountains, and sparkling lake water are a piece of the pleasures of a paradise world that is second to none.

2. The crater of Mount Barujari fascinates people
From the outskirts of Lake Segara Anak, you can see the splendor of Mount Baru Jari. The mountain which is in the middle of Lake Segara Anak emits sulfur from its crater every time which can hypnotize our eyes and cannot sleep because we always want to see it

3.. Have 5 star mountaineering tracks
Those of you who have climbed Mount Rinjani will know how hard it is to climb Rinjani. However, the tiredness of climbing pays off with the exotic landscape of Rinjani. Rinjani has low mountain rain forest, wide savanna with beautiful edelweiss, and high mountain rain forest. Because of that too, Rinjani deserves to be called a five-star mountain or even more than 5 stars if there are more than five stars.

4.Rinjani is at the intersection of the Wallace boundary where Asian and Australian flora and fauna meet
The Wallace line is a hypothetical line or an imaginary line that separates the geographical areas of Asian and Australian flora and fauna. It is on Mount Rinjan that the Asian type of flora and fauna meets the Australian type. You can easily meet monkeys there.

5.Segara Anak’s exoticism is depicted on the IDR 10,000 currency
Have you ever seen the 1000 banknote above? If you know Rinjani, you must be familiar with the image of the lake. Yes, that’s right, it’s Lake Segara Anak. In 1998, Bank Indonesia decorated the 1000 rupiah note with a painting of Lake Segara Anak on one side.

6.Rinjani is included in the seven mountain summits in Indonesia.
Above an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level, Rinjani is the 3rd highest mountain in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci and Carstensz. Those of you who have made it to the top of Rinjani have the right to see a vast, boundless skyline. Landscape views of Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Tambora and the open sea are clearly visible.
If you are a hikerholic, you will definitely include Rinjani in your climbing target list. Because Rinjani is included in the seven summits of the Indonesian mountain.

7.View of the most beautiful sunset from Plawangan Sembalun.
Some say Mount Rinjani is a romantic mountain. Not because it was once a filming location for the fake climbing film Romeo Anjani. However, this mountain is indeed the most suitable for waiting for the master of sunset with your partner. Plawangan Sembalun Hot Springs is the right spot to feel the romance of Rinjani.

8.Living in harmonious religious harmony
Mount Rinjani also symbolizes the embodiment of inter-religious harmony. Especially Lombok Hindus and Watu Telu Muslims. Both of these people really sacred lake Segara Anak. Sometimes, Watu Telu Muslims pray at the Segara Anak lake during the full moon. As for Hindus, they perform the Mulam Pakelem ritual by placing offerings in the Segara Anak lake. This ritual is aimed at the harmony of the universe.

9.Mount Rinjani is the mountain with the best layout in Southeast Asia
Remarkably, Mount Rinjani has won several awards in the category of ecological and community-based tourist attractions. The world award that Mount Rinjani has received is the World Legacy Award for the Destination Stewardship category from Conservation International and National Geographic Traveler in 2004. In 2005 TNGR became the top 3 Tourism for Tomorrow Award for the Destination Award category from the World Travel & Tourism Council. Meanwhile, in 2007 he became a finalist for the Tourism for Tomorrow Award. In addition to this series of awards, Mount Rinjani is the mountain with the best management in Southeast Asia, proud to be part of Mount Rinjani.

10.Rinjani’s local wisdom is truly preserved
The relationship between local residents is not only limited to economic values, more than that, the local community establishes a good relationship between ecological, spiritual and economic. In fact, for the Sasak people, Mount Rinjani is considered to have high spiritual value.
The Sasak people really respect Mount Rinjani. As a form of respect, almost all local residents’ houses face Mount Rinjani.

11.There is a natural hot spring too!
No need to wait until you come down from the mountain before you can soak in the hot springs. Rinjani has natural hot springs. It is not far from Tenpat Camping or Lake Segara Anak Lunch.
After getting tired of climbing, they can soak in the open while looking at the beauty of Rinjani. The mountaineers are truly spoiled. It’s less enjoyable, let alone try it? That’s why Rinjani really deserves to be called a 5-star mountain because the facilities of a five-star hotel must have hot water

12.Padang Savana Sembalun Lawang which is really epic
Sembalun Lawang Village is the starting point for climbing to the top of the mountain. If you pass this path, you will see a wide expanse of grass. Hikers can enjoy the vast horizon around the meadows. In this place you can also see the former path of cold lava flow.

13.Many waterfalls can be found on Rinjani and its surroundings
No wonder if someone says Rinjani is a 5-star mountain. Hikers can easily find waterfalls on Rinjani. In fact, there are approximately 20 waterfalls at the foot of Mount Rinjani which is really amazing

14.Only in Rinjani can we see the stalactites of Goa(Cave) Susu and Goa(Cave) Payung Mas(Golden Umbrella)
Besides lakes, savannas, and hot springs, Rinjani also has a cave! Truly a complete package of beauty. Only by climbing this one mountain you can enjoy various natural panoramas. awesome!

Seven Benefits Of Trekking for Health You Should Know.

Besides Being fun Trekking Or Walking activities in the open are very beneficial for health, we have summarized at least 10 health benefits that you can get when doing trekking, including:

The First Prevents Bone Loss.
By trekking to Mount Rinjani or Mount Mana Aja, you can prevent bone loss, therefore it is very suitable for elderly people to do trekking. Not only for the elderly, but suitable for all ages.

2.Lowering Cholesterol Levels in The Blood.
Trekking to Mount Rinjani or Mount Anywhere, can also burn bad cholesterol so that your blood circulation improves, maintains heart health as well as stabilizes blood sugar levels.

3.Strengthen Endurance.
In the era of a pandemic like now or Season of Sickness, endurance is one of the reasons why you can still do activities. Trekking is very beneficial for endurance, making you avoid various kinds of diseases.

4.Reducing Weight.
Doing mountain or hill trekking can burn calories which can be beneficial for losing excess weight. Make you more fit and fresh.

5.Strengthens the Heart
According To Research walking can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 31%, therefore trekking is very beneficial of course for your heart health.

6.Good For Breathing.
Of course we know that one of the oxygen we breathe comes from photosynthetic activity carried out by plants, trekking in the open for example trekking in Sentul which is still beautiful can give you clean air intake that is free of pollutants which of course is very good for your respiratory organs.

7.Reducing Stress
Walking outdoors or trekking to the top of Mount Rinjani while accompanied by a variety of beautiful views, will relieve your stress and fatigue from the activities you have done. The view that will spoil your eyes, the cool feeling of free air that is still clean from air pollution, will give you a sense of comfort and calm so that the stress you experience will be reduced.

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