1.PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR TREKKING PACKAGE THROUGH PADANG BAY BALI, There is no official agent located there, only in Senaru and Sembalun and some in Senggigi/Mataram,and we really recommend that you book a trip to the mountains via online (Via offline is not recommended) and before and booking you have to really check the company thoroughly how to check it you have to read reviews on tripadvisor and blogs how many people gave the company reviews with a 5 star rating
2.CHOOSE YOUR TOUR OPERATOR CAREFULLY, If there is trekking organizer that offer very cheap packages, BE poorly services and poorly experience
3.CAREFUL, They might give you terrible services, official rate listed in the website, Pay more and get better services.
4.As a visitor, please be more responsible how and where you throw your rubbish. Make sure the porters and guides bring your non organic trash back to Sembalun or Senaru
5.Ramadhan ( Fasting time for Moslem ) start on april 21, make sure you contact the trekking organizer if they operate as most of Porters and trekking guides will stay home with families on the fist day of Ramadhan

6.Entry tickets is Rp. 150.000/person/day for foreigner and Rp. 25.000/person/day for local visitor.

7.Most trekking organizer not operate 3 days before and 3 days after IDUL FITRI,
8.If you book the trekking package from Gili Islands, We highly not recommend you to pay in advance, they are mostly broker and still the contact the agent that listed in our website
9.And Rinjani will be closed for climbing activities starting from January 1 and will reopen on April 1

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