Good News For Prospective Climbers Of Mount Rinjani

Good news for mountain climbers all over the world, trekking to Mount Rinjani will start opening on April 1 or early April – until the end of December. Come on, hurry up and book with your family, friends or girlfriends-Boysfriend for a vacation to the top of Mount Rinjani,  Swimming in Segara Anak Lake and bathing in hot springs

– Everyone’s weakness is defeating their ego.  Therefore, try climbing the mountain and you will learn to defeat it
– Visit the beach which is pleasant with the sunset but, if you go to Mount Rinjani you will enjoy the tranquility.
– Words are easier than actions.  So, act first before saying anything, dare yourself to try how difficult it is to climb Mount Rinjani
 – We will not only face steep roads when climbing Mount.  However, there are forests, rivers, bushes.  All of this is a picture of human life.
 -Climbing Mount Rinjani in Lombok is a journey to leave self-arrogance behind.
– The more mountains we pass or climb, the wiser we will be in every word we say, especially after you conquer Mount Rinjani.

– If you want to know how big your ego is towards your friends, then climb Mount Rinjani, then you will find out.  If you want to know how much your friend cares about you, then climb Mount Rinjani with him.  Then you will know.

– Don’t take anything other than pictures of the Mount Rinjani area or when you hike to Mount Rinjani, don’t leave anything other than footprints, let alone throw away trash, don’t kill anything other than time.
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