Lombok Volcano Hike

Lombok Volcano Hike Through Sembalun and Senaru Route

Lombok Volcano hike is one of the activities when you are finding an adventurous activity in Indonesia. The exact location of this trekking is in a mountain called Rinjani.

This mountain has been really famous among the trekkers for many years. It is an active volcano mountain in that tropical country where it is situated in Lombok island.

Administratively, this mountain is located in North Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (West Nusa Tenggara). It riches of nature and it’s beauty has no limit.

That is why; the tourists always want to do this Lombok Volcano hike. What will you get from this trip? What are the routes which are usually used?

More about Rinjani Mountain

Mount Rinjani is not only popular among the local tourists, but also the foreign people. The height of this mountain is around 3726 meters above the sea level and it becomes the second highest mountain in Indonesia.

Besides that, it also has a high volcanic activity where based on the release, Rinjani has been erupting for ten times. It was count from 1846 up to 2009 based on some documents released.

Repeated eruptions resulted in the formation of a very wide caldera. It was filled with water and forming a lake that was eventually named Lake Segara Anak. On this Lombok Volcano hike, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this lake.

Lava can escape and break through mountains as a result of continuous volcanic activity. Until the lava flow passes through several climbing spots. As a result of the eruption, the soil around this mountain became fertile.

Lunch and dinner are also served in the side of Segara Anak as one of the main attractions of this Lombok Volcano hike. You and your group can get the different nuance of enjoying a meal.

The Beauty of “Segara Anak”

One of the destinations which are usually visited on this Lombok Volcano hike trip is Segara Anak Lake. To get to the lake, hikers need about nine hours from the starting point of the journey.

The lake is looked like a crescent moon with an area of about one thousand and one hundred acres. With an altitude of approximately 2010 meters above sea level.

Meanwhile, the debt is around two hundred and thirty meters. The naming of segara anak has the meaning of the word the sea kids. The view around the lake is so amazing.

You can see Mount Baru Jari in the middle of the lake. There are many hot springs around the Segara Anak where this Lombok Volcano hike will let you to visit this hot spring too.

The view of Segara Anak Lake was used as an image in the “ten thousand” Rupiah currency of 1998. Basically, this location is really famous and has been used as a set location for some movies.

The Lombok Volcano Hike Routes

To reach the summit, there are some routes which can be used on this hike. Usually, trip agency such as Adi Trekker uses the Sembalun or Senaru as the route.

You may choose one based on your liking and situation. Whatever your choice is, it is better to understand the detail of these routes first

  1. Sembalun

Sembalun is the first route when you want to do a Lombok Volcano hike activity. The golden brown dry grass bed looks like velvet from a distance. This savanna field is commonly named as Sembalun Lawang.

These dry grasses as far as the eye can see are the starting point of climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani Lombok. From this savanna you can see the former path of cold lava flows.

During trekking, the climbers will pass through the “hill of regret” with seven hill climbs. The philosophy of this hill is that when we have climbed the hill we must keep going.

Sometimes when passing through the hills, climbers will feel frustrated because of the many climbs passed. In addition, the scorching sun is very pronounced because the surrounding trees molt in the dry season.

Even when the sky is overcast, the fog will be felt closer and strong winds can be felt immediately. You may want to use your warm clothes there.

  1. Senaru

The Senaru trail has the longest forest track on Mount Rinjani. It also becomes the next track for this Lombok Volcano hike. From the Mount Rinjani National Park Office in Senaru, you will walk through the vast Senaru Forest.

From the Basecamp to Post 1, you will be presented with the views of trees on the left and right sides of the path. The estimated time is for about 1-2 hours drive.

The cool situation makes climbers not have to worry if they walk during the day. From Post 1 to Post 2 Senaru is still fairly gentle like on the path in Sembalun.

However, the difference is that you will continue to pass through the forest area. At Post 2 Senaru, there are two gazebos or shelters for climbers to rest.

Continuing the journey to Post 3 of this Lombok Volcano hike, you will go through the sidelines of the Senaru Forest. There are many sounds of monkeys and animals that are still preserved that.

They will accompany your climbing steps. From Post 2 to 3, it will take a while. The Post 2 to 3 line is indeed the longest line on the Senaru Line. It takes 4 hours to drive.

  1. Via Aik Berik

The Aik Berik Trail in Aik Berik Village, Batu Kliang Utara District, coincides with the location of Yarn Stokel Waterfall and Yarn Netting. It is incorporated in the Yarn Stokel Tourism Area.

From Aik Berik Basecamp to the forest door of the hiking trail, you have to walk about 2 km to the location of the forest door. You can also use a public motorcycle service to the forest door.

Sometimes, Aik Berik is also used as a route for this Lombok Volcano hike. You can discuss to your guide or organizer in order to choose the right route.

Hot Springs to Visit

The Lombok Volcano hike trip let’s you to visit some hot springs too. At least, there are three natural hot springs in Rinjani that worth to visit and here they are:

  1. Selandir

The naming of this bathhouse comes from a puppetry figure, where Selandir is a figure who has magic knowledge of mandera for slang friends. Selandir Bath is so crowded because the access is quite easy.

It is Not only that, there are 4 hot spring points that have different hot temperatures, making this bath very popular with tourists and become a worth to visit destination on this Lombok Volcano hike.

At the top part, there is a lake with very hot water temperatures ranging from 52-65 degrees. Meanwhile in the middle it has a heat of 40-50 degrees and the base is 25-30 degrees Celsius.

The water source comes from between the cliffs which are then poured using slang buddy bamboo. Overall, Selandir is beautiful with it’s natural touch and simplicity.

  1. Goa Payung (Umbrella Cave)

It’s name comes from the form of this bath which resembles a kind of umbrella; with a magnitude of 10 m and an area of 3 m. On the inside, there is a hot spring that has sulfur.

The cave, which has a certain beauty, is located near 750 m north of the Segara Anak caldera. That’s why the access road is fairly difficult and stressful. 

Uniquely, when carrying out an expedition to the Umbrella Cave during your Lombok Volcano hike, you will be accompanied with the beautiful view of perennial flowers or Edelways.

This species develops productively around the path. Because the contours of the road are dominated by slippery rocks, you have to be more careful and don’t arrive during the rainy period.

  1. Goa Susu (Milk Cave)

Why it is named as Goa Susu or Milk Cave? It is because the water in this place is yellowish-white and the water dripping from the stalactite chambers has a different taste.

 It is located not far from the Umbrella Cave. Although this cave has dimensions that are not so large, but the natural beauty that it has is very enchanting.

Not only that, but the temperature is also not very hot. That is why; it is perfect for soaking during your Lombok Volcano hike journey.

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