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The Rinjani Ecopark – The mighty Rinjani mountain of Gunung Rinjani is a massive volcano which towers over the island of Lombok. A climb to the top is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Indonesia. At 3,726 meters tall, Gunung Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. The climb to the top may not be easy but it’s worth it, and is widely regarded as one of the best views in the country.

Part of the famous ‘ring of fire’ this mountain also holds spiritual significance for the local people. It’s thought that the name Rinjani comes from an old Javanese term for ‘God’.

Around the slopes of Rinjani there are lush forests sprinkled with waterfalls and surrounded by stunning scenery.
Within the mountain is a crescent shaped lake, the breathtaking Segara Anak which is about 6km across at its widest point. This lake of sulfur is located 600 meters below the crater rim. Rising from the waters of this lake is a new volcano, Mt. Baru, which is a result of a series of eruptions during the 1990’s. Segara Anak is a spiritual place. The Balinese come here each year and perform a ceremony called pekelan where jewelry is placed in the lake as an offering to the mountain spirit. The Wetu Telu people also regard the lake as holy and come here to pray on full moon nights.

Mt Rinjani lies within the Gunung Rinjani National Park. The park covers 41,330 hectares and sits inside a major bio-geographical transition zone (Wallacea). This is where the tropical flora and fauna of South East Asia meets that of Australasia. This National Park was established in 1997 and is one of over 40 throughout Indonesia.
For visitors, the three-day Rinjani trek route from Senaru to the crater rim, down to the Crater Lake then on to Sembalun Lawang, is considered one of the best treks in South East Asia. More Adventurous Trekkers may want to head all the way to the summit of the volcano. This is best reached from Sembalun Lawang and takes four days, finishing up in Senaru.

To ensure that local communities benefit from tourism revenue, the Rinjani Trek is managed by a partnership of National Park officials, the public and private sectors of the Lombok tourism industry and community representatives. Community run cooperatives coordinate the Trek at the Rinjani Trekking Center (RTC) in Senaru and the Rinjani Information Center (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang.

Revenue from tourism activities and entry fees is used for conservation, management and assisting the National Park with maintenance of the Rinjani Trek, thus ensuring its sustainability. This management model is unique in Indonesia and considered an example of best practice of ecotourism in Indonesia.


Rinjani Trekking Information from the Best Mount Rinjani Trekking Company

Getting direct Rinjani trekking information from an excellent trekking company is always a pleasure. It takes the best company to get through everything compared to many other companies.

Lombok Island has everything you need. What do you need, and it’s? It’s fully available here. If you can visit this island, remember to explore everything, including Rinjani Mountain.

Including many other travellers who finally arrived on this island and us. We took little time to decide where to visit. The first choice differs from most people, and we immediately head to the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia.

With only a 2-3 hours road trip from the airport, this could get us where we expected. Trekking in Mount Rinjani is always exciting. So for those who want to travel here, we have prepared a unique guide for you!

Ever Single Rinjani Trekking Information You Might Want to Know from the Best Trekking Company

Under our promise, we will provide all the information needed. This also includes a review of these exciting spots in Lombok, along with what you need from the selected trekking company. Moreover, this is on Lombok Island, an area that is still open.

Lombok is a lesser-known little brother of next-door Bali. Even though it only takes 25 minutes from Bali by plane or five hours by bumpy boat ride. But for more clarity, you should contact and consult with a trekking company.

  1. How Can You Get Their Contact?

The first Rinjani trekking information we will include with you is related to the Rinjani Trekking Company, Adi Trekker. This trekking, hiking and climbing organizer has experience exploring Rinjani for more than ten years.

They promise a new Guide and Quality Guide and tracking equipment every year. One protection for the environment is also emphasized. You can contact this trekking company quickly for more details.

You can call 0819 9102 8066. You can also send an email to However, precise information has also been prepared on the official website, and a disclaimer, they just won Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2022.

  1. What is the Best Time to Use Their Trekking Package?

Visiting Mount Rinjani according to many companies and Rinjani trekking information, the best time is in the dry season, which ranges from April to November. During the rainy season, it becomes a dangerous track.

From early January to the end f March, it was even said that it was impossible to climb Mount Rinjani. Apart from being a super difficult track, this track is also closed. Good weather can be had during April with the sun not too bright and still fantastic!

  1. How is Adi Trekker’s Trekking Track?

The summit of Mount Rinjani is about 3726 meters or 12,224 feet, with a crater rim altitude that reaches 2639m. Trekking to the summit requires more Rinjani trekking information, so that you will need a guide.

But you don’t need to worry about its famous views as you can still enjoy them. Hike to the summit or the crater rim should be done for three days and two nights so that you can take your time. But trekking here is quite tricky.

Rinjani trekking information on the internet will help you choose which path is best for you to follow. But we are sure that you will pass this trek perfectly. But, since it’s so hard, you’ll need lots of rest.

Through the information we also got, the track starts with a climb of 1500 meters over 8 km. Elevation change occurs during the final 4 km, making you reach the top in 4 hours. The route is also sandy, slippery, and very steep.

  1. How Much Does It Cost?

You need to contact Adi Trekker directly to find out the price. However, from Rinjani trekking information obtained from the internet, Adi Trekker’s prices are still more attractive with all the offers they provide to clients.

The options are divided into many things, starting from 2 Day 1 Night Trekking, 3 Day 2 Night, 4 Day and 3 Night, a 5 Day 4 Night and 1 Day Trek. The service that determines the price is also adjusted to the choice of service, and there are VVIP, VIP, Deluxe and Standard.

Each option determines what experience will be gained while there and the accommodations that can be obtained. If you are unsure about the price, you can read other Rinjani trekking information and determine it yourself.

We guarantee the prices here are more attractive than the others, especially after seeing the offers. Rinjani is a fun place, but you still have to pay around $180 for the cheapest option, up to $700 per person for VVIP Service.

  1. What are the Options for Rinjani Trekking Tour?

If you ask this, you can say you can’t wait to travel here. Apart from the services offered by Adi Trekker, another option is related to the choice of track. You can choose which track you want to go through to reach the summit with Rinjani trekking information.

Start first with where to start, between Sembalun or Senaru. We will begin by reviewing this Rinjani track from Sembalun because the trails are more configured. It’s a bit steeper and sandier, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The descent to the Crater Lake is steep and rugged, but this will be a real legbreaker track. But the Senaru track could be neater and well-configured. The review and Rinjani trekking information is what can help you get to the top.

Why We Choose Rinjani Trekking Information from Adi Trekker, Compare to the Others?

You must be asking why we recommend Adi Trekker over the others when you want to go on a trekking trip on Rinjani. There are many reasons behind this. But our primary considerations in choosing a service from them include the following:

  1. Easy Registration

Of course, things like registration must be passed when you want to use a service, including services to explore mount Rinjani. Easy licensing will immediately give you one plus point, a distinct advantage for Adi Trekker.

  1. Best Experience

You also need to pay attention to the importance of experience from a service. By choosing Adi Trekker, Rinjani trekking information will be much more enjoyable. There are no more reasons to say that Adi Trekker cannot serve what you want in this beautiful mountain.

  1. Affordable Cost of the Track

As we previously explained, the prices of Adi Trekkers are affordable. Starting from $180 to $540, very inexpensive. With this cost, you can get what you want, and trekking is no longer a headache.

  1. Safety

But you also can’t choose a trekking company that has a low price, but the security it offers could be better. You must select the right one with safety number 1. The advantage of Rinjani is that other Rinjani trekking information will not be safe.

  1. Quality and comfort they offer

Rinjani Mountain offers a quality vacation, and you will see the scenery that makes you comfortable. By choosing quality tracks, clients already know other arrangements which Adi Trekker offers.

  1. Excellent Service

Perfect service ranging from different pieces of stuff. By already having decades of experience in Rinjani trekking information, there is no need for things that spoil your comfort. Everything is safe, and you can feel it right away!

  1. They are Track Organizers Instead of Just Agencies

There are very different things between organizers and agencies. This difference still needs to be noticed, even though it is significant. Adi Trekker is an organizer, not an agency, which gives him plus points when on vacation on Rinjani.

  1. Professional staff

We see great comfort in Rinjani because of the staff present. Of all the Rinjani trekking information we got, only a few people complained about the team. The staff itself is divided into several roles, namely:

  • Track leader
  • Porters
  • Mules
  • Cooking Team
  1. Sustainable Trekking

Choose the company that offers a fun method that will make your vacation on Rinjani precisely what you want. Nature from this nature creates a perfect ecosystem and must be included in your following vacation list.

  1. Good Reputation and Reviews

It is also highly recommended that you read online reviews when looking for Rinjani trekking information. A good reputation and reviews will be a guarantee if you get everything you need there. So, don’t just look for it!

  1. Accommodation Included

Our review of Rinjani is related to accommodation. With you booking a guide and trekking service, they have provided accommodation. This will save you the hassle of finding a hotel or tent!

  1. Track Equipment Listed Clearly

Going around Rinjani, you will see a lot of equipment you will use. But this is exciting because it has been written clearly on the website of Rinjani trekking information. So you don’t have to be busy deciding what to bring anymore.

Of all these qualifications, the one that pays the most notable attention is the Rinjani Adi Trekking Service. Adi Trekker can see more detailed information at their website. Prepare their contact according to what we described above!

This holiday can’t be ordinary, and it must be attractive. And Lombok is ready to welcome you and your entourage, especially Rinjani. This volcano is having its best season, and you can visit the blogs of Rinjani trekking information.

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