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Davide and Otilia at Mount Rinjani Summit

Davide and Otilia at Mount Rinjani SummitThis is a website of Davide and Otilia, an international couple from Italy and Romania but now living our non conventional life as a nomad travel. Davide is a travel photographer and he has travelling endlessly for around 45 countries mostly without plane. They write the detail complete with the photos of their journey in Nomad Travellers which able to become a good guidance and travel tips for backpackers who want to exploring the world on a budget.

Adi Trekker had the honor to get a visit from Davide and Otilia and do the Mount Rinjani trekking which they describe in Nomad Travellers including how to choose reliable trekking company, and the details of their trekking experience at Mount Rinjani. They both are very nice and frienldy people and Adi Trekker are very happy to assist them on exploring the excitement and wonderful of Mount Rinjani.

They also give us guidance for eco trekking, how we should leave no trail like garbage on every trekking. We are now also bring a huge garbage bag to pick up some garbage we found in the mountain, hopefully that this also applied to other trekking company to make Mount Rinjani clean and neat and make it more beautiful to explored.

Nomad Travellers also contents their journey in Malaysia, Thailand, India, and many other countries. If you ara a backpacker travellers be sure to visit Nomad Travellers to get a better information before you go.

Photo in this post are taken from Nomad Travellers with their permission.

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