Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Packages

Adi Trekker Rinjani Mountain Trekking tour packages is not for those who have just trekked once or twice. This is for people with experience. Mainly because of the many tracks available, this makes you have to pay more attention to things before leaving.

Rinjani Rinjani is located at 3,726 meters above sea level and looms large over the entire island of Lombok in Indonesia. There are 130 volcanoes in the country, and Rinjani is the second highest in Indonesia, at least noted by Adi Trekker.

Before that, you must first arrive in Lombok before reaching this mountain. The Lombok can then be accessed via air, land and sea modes. If you want by air, you can arrive at Lombok International Airport, which is also adequate.

If you go by land and sea, you will arrive first at Sheet Harbor, located in West Lombok. You can also rent vehicles situated in the vicinity. The car can accommodate many people on the side, so this is the beginning of your trekking journey.

How Can Facilities Help your Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Packages

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Packages

Do you have a plan to climber Mount Rinjani? We will start giving the best advice for those who plan to pass this track. A Crater rim of 2600 meters is one of the reasons why we have this track instead of other mounts.

The location is also on the island of Lombok, which offers a lot of magic. So this makes one of the plus points of Mount Rinjani trekking. But if you want a perfect holiday, it would be great if we start explaining by giving the best guide:

  1. The Facilities Hiking Mount Rinjani Tour.

We’ll start by explaining some considerations of whether you can conquer the Rinjani trek. In general, this is a challenging track. As we explore, this is one of the toughest tracks in the world today, you might need facilities that have been provided.

The Rinjani trek starts with a climber of 1500 over 8 km. Most of the elevation changes in the final 4 km will take about 8 hours in total. Poor trail maintenance and sandy, slippery and steep routes make Mount Rinjani trekking very difficult.

  1. The Amenities

Bringing complete equipment must be done as long as you have plans to come here. General items you must get to pass this track are a pair of gloves, a flashlight, and comfortable shoes, and remember to bring sunblock!

  1. The Experience

The experiences of people who have been to this mountain are the same as ours. They will mention that this is one of the most challenging tracks ever. But, Mount Rinjani trekking, said by hikers, is a must-try too.

Quick Guide to Get Best Mount Rinjani Trekking Organizer,Company

You might ask why trekking on Mount Rinjani instead of other mountains. But one of the most accessible answers is that the crater is rewarded with magnificent views that hikers can witness along with Adi Trekker Tour and Travel.

Besides that, an active volcano at the edge of the lake is quite unique. And night, the sky is blanketed with thick stars. You can even paint the star according to your imagination via the Mount Rinjani trekking facilities that provided by Adi Trekker.

So one of the main factors why the Mount Rinjani track is so compelling is because it offers peace to your body and mind. From that moment on, full day tour and witness amazing views are what you actually need. Plus, you get the professional team of Adi Trekker.

Trekking Rinjani should always be done promptly. You need company to get you here safely and comfortably. We recommend Adi Trekker Tour and Travel for the best trip; visit our official website.

Your vacation will be delightful if you have chosen the right vacation spot. Mount Rinjani could be the solution for those who want fun and perfect relaxation. But you must prepare for the Mount Rinjani trekking Tour Package before the others.

Get the available Mount Rinjani trekking Eco Tour packages below. Please choose One Of Our Rinjani Trekking Tour packages that suit your needs and you can contact us if you require more detail information regarding this Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour packages.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide 2024
The official Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide. Climbing a mountain can be intimidating, especially if it is in a different country where people speak a different language! We wrote the Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide to share years of experience safely guiding people up and down one of South East Asia’s most coveted summits. Mount Rinjani is Indonesia’s second highest volcano, boasting surreal panoramic views as well as a diverse landscape, flora and fauna. In this article we cover the essentials – how to plan a trek, what to bring, when to go, and most importantly what routes will be open in 2023.

Interesting Mount Rinjani Facts:
Location: Lombok Island
Elevation: 3,726m / 12,224ft
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Volcanic status: Active
Biggest Eruption: 1257 AD (Mt Samalas)
Awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status in 2018
Rinjani is considered a sacred mountain, and attracts pilgrims every year who make offerings at lake Segara Anak, or “Child of the Sea”

Why should I trek Mount Rinjani in 2023?
Because Mount Rinjni is awesome – it will blow your mind! But don’t just take our word for it – National Geographic have just included the Rinjani trail in their book “100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails”. If you don’t like reading, you can also check out this awesome video – we’re sure it will win you over!

I’m not a mountaineer…can I still trek Rinjani?
Yes! Despite its size Mount Rinjani is an achievable summit for the beginner. This is because it isn’t technically difficult – you don’t need ropes or rock-climbing skills to reach the summit. We’re not saying it’s easy – you still need to have a moderate level of fitness and lots of determination, but we can advise you on how to prepare. If you believe you are too unfit to attempt the summit there are other options, such as the intermediate level trek to Senaru Mount Rinjani Crater Rim or the beginner trek to Pergasingan Hill.

How to train for Mount Rinjani
The Mount Rinjani Fitness Guide provides some in depth training advice for training for Mount Rinjani. In short, develop cardiovascular fitness and endurance by walking and running. Develop stabilising muscles that improve balance by doing specific exercises. Practise hiking up hill with a pack (this will be the most specific preparation you can do). For videos demonstrating useful exercises, please visit our YouTube Channel, specifically the Playlist: Mount Rinjani Training Guide.

When is the best time to hike Mt Rinjani in 2023?
Mount Rinjani National Park is open from April to January every year (it is usually closed in January, February and March due to heavy rains). As Lombok is a tropical island it is warm all year round, so for 9 months a year you are good to go! If you are coming in the rainy season it is still possible to do some adventure tours, trekking to Bukit Pergasingan, sightseeing and camping in Senaru, and exploring Lombok’s many beautiful waterfalls.

How do I get to Mt Rinjani?
People often ask how to go to Mount Rinjani. If you are already on Lombok, getting to Mount Rinjani is fairly simple – there are only 2 main roads – one going up the West of the island (to Senaru), and one going up the East (to Sembalun). Some trekking companies include a form of transport to get you to the start point of the trek, but this is usually from North Lombok. If you are coming from Kuta Lombok or Lombok Praya airport, expect to pay extra. If you have rented a scooter it is possible to drive to Senaru or Sembalun yourself – just be careful as driving standards on Lombok are not as high or regulated as elsewhere in the world. From the Gili Isles get either a public boat or private charter speedboat to Bangsal Harbour. From there we will either pick you up or you can arrange a driver to take you to Senaru. Public buses on Lombok are infrequent and unreliable. Rinjani Dawn Adventures uses cars (as opposed to minibuses) to collect our customers and transfer them to Senaru or Sembalun. These are comfortable, having air-conditioning and seat-belts.

Lombok Island travel times:
Bangsal Harbour (if coming from the Gili Isles) to Senaru: 1.5 hours
Sengiggi to Senaru: 2 hours
Mataram to Senaru: 2.5 hours
Lombok Praya International Airport to Senaru: 3 hours
Kuta Lombok to Senaru: 3.5 hours

What should I pack for the Mount Rinjani trek 2024?
Most of the leading guiding companies that organise Mt Rinjani expeditions provide camping and cooking equipment. Adi Trekker send-out a comprehensive equipment list and packing guide to all of our customers, but here is a shortened version of what we recommend you bring:

Daypack– a small backpack of around 30-40 l volume should be large enough, but it depends how light you travel, and whether you will be taking a camera equipment.
Hiking Boots or trail-running shoes (trainers are a minimum requirement). The key is tread – the path is steep and slippy in some sections, so confidence and control will be aided by decently gripping sports shoes.
Daywear – Shorts and t-shirt, or trekking clothing. Hat & sunglasses. Sunscreen.
Eveningwear – warm layers. We suggest trousers or tracksuit bottoms, fleece or wool tops, and/ or a warm jacket. Hat and gloves are also recommended.
Summit – Warm clothes! Trousers, thermal layers, jacket, hat & gloves.
Towel & swimming gear – if you are going to lake Segara Anak and the thermal springs
Dust masks – at times in the dry-season the summit trail can be dusty. A cheap dust-mask is useful for parts of the trail.
Basic First Aid Kit including any personal medication
Sandals / flip-flops (useful for letting your feet breathe at rest-stops & in the evening)
Insect repellent
Money. A small amount of cash for tipping your porters and guides is recommended, as they do an amazing job carrying equipment up and down the mountain, and cooking delicious food for you 3 times per day. There is no recommended amount, so it will largely depend on how generous you feel.

What should my trekking organiser provide when climbing Mt Rinjani?
There is often a big gap between what a trekking company should provide and what they actually do. Many of the budget or black-market (unlicensed) operators will provide very little. You might be sleeping in old or damaged tents, and will have little food or snacks. This is why you should avoid booking from agents & re-sellers, and read reviews of the actual company you’re going with before making the decision. There is no point regretting going with the dirt-cheap operator when you are cold, wet, and hungry due to sub-standard service & equipment – you should ask yourself whether for the price of a few cocktails you would like a comfortable and professionally run adventure, Adi Trekker Guarantees That Our Rinjani Trekking Equiqment Is New And Clean

Is Mt Rinjani safe?
There is an inherent risk associated with mountain climbing, but Rinjani is a generally considered a safe mountain to climb. The highest risk comes from slipping on steep sections (such as going down to the lake), and falling awkwardly down a slope. But people have died from exposure because they have not had the proper equipment – again, this is why we recommend going with a licensed operator who is equipped to take care of you.

What about the 2018 Lombok earthquakes – I heard they affected Mount Rinjani trekking?
Following the 2018 Lombok earthquakes Mount Rinjani National Park was temporarily closed. This was due to localised landslides, most prominent on the lake routes from Senaru and Sembalun Crater Rim. There has been restricted access to Mount Rinjani in 2019 – the summit was deemed off-limits, and trekking was limited to the Mt Rinajni caldera (crater rim).

Will Mount Rinjani be open in 2024?
The short answer is yes! Mount Rinjani summit will be open in 2021. It was announced recently by the national park authority (TNGR) that Mount Rinjani’s summit route will reopen in April 2021 (after the rainy season). Lake Segara Anak and the thermal springs will also be accessible, but currently this will only be possible via the Sembalun Crater Rim route (not Plawangan Senaru). So it will not be possible to do the conventional three and four day packages that usually start in Senaru and finish in Sembalun (or vice-versa).

2020 Mt Rinjani Trekking Routes:
2 day / 1 night Rinjani Summit (starting in Sembalun, finishing in Sembalun)
3 day / 2 night Rinjani Summit (starting in Sembalun, one night at Sembalun crater rim, one night at lake Segara Anak)
2 day / 1 night Mount Rinjani Crater Rim Senaru

What is the Rinjani National Park Entrance Fee?
The 2019 park entrance fee was set at 150,000 IDR per person per day. This is included in the price of you package.

Do I need travel insurance for Rinjani?
It’s recommended that you should have travel insurance for all overseas travel. This is because getting treatments in hospitals or Dr’s clinics can be expensive if not a resident of the country. In Lombok Dr’s consultations and treatments are relatively inexpensive (compared to say, the US or Australia), but if you have to be flown to a larger hospital the costs can soon mount-up. Adi Trekker & Some trekking companies include a basic insurance in their packages, but this is generally just to get you off the mountain. If you need to be rescued from Mt Rinjani a team of stretcher bearers will have to be deployed. There is currently no dedicated helicopter rescue service for Mt Rinjani. 

I’ve read on Tripadvisor that there is a lot of rubbish on Mt Rinjani, is this true?
In the past there has been a rubbish issue on Mt Rinjani, especially at rest-stops and campsite areas. Again, this mainly stems from unlicensed operators and disgraceful individuals leaving rubbish behind to reduce the weight they are carrying. The national park is trying to find a solution to this issue, but without park rangers and proper policing it will likely continue. If you care about the environment we suggest you find a reputable company that is fully licensed. You will be paying for a better ratio of porters to customers, and helping to keep Rinjani pristine. Adi Trekker endeavours to reduce plastic, and also remove pre-existing rubbish from campsites and rest-areas. We work with the national park, providing resources to help. Rinjani is still a stunning place, and hopefully the culture surrounding littering will change with education and new initiatives.

How much should I tip my Rinjani guide and porters?
Although it is not a necessary, it is customary to tip porters and guides at the end of a trek. How much you tip is up to you, and is usually done as a group. As a rule of thumb you can ask yourself how much you would usually tip for an amazing restaurant meal. Multiply this by the number of days you have been trekking, and you should arrive at a fair figure. But if your guide or porters have gone out of their way to assist you (by carrying your personal bags etc), it might be worth being a bit more generous – it will be much appreciated, and will go a long way. Most groups usually get together amongst themselves and gather up tips to give to the head guide. He will ensure a fair distribution to the team of porters.

I don’t feel ready to do Mount Rinjani, are there any other cool adventures on Lombok?
For many people the thought of climbing a big mountain on their holiday is not their idea of fun! If you are one of these people, but would still like to incorporate some form of adventure into your holiday, there are lots of awesome day-trips and soft-trekking options.

There are lots of reasons why you should travel to the paradise island of Lombok and climb Mt Rinjani is 2024. It is a genuine challenge – a feat that demands grit and determination. You will create life long memories and maybe even life-long friends on the journey. You will see remarkable sites, and dramatic landscapes – an active volcano and crater lake. At night you will see the Milky Way and stars in all their glory, free from light pollution and above the clouds. These are just some of the reasons you should book your Mount Rinjani Trek Adventure today.

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