Mount Rinjani Trekking Information

Mount Rinjani Trekking Information
The Rinjani trek is a challenging mountain walk and you must be prepared with good equipment, warm and windproof clothing. Rinjani can attract severe storms, lightening and strong winds. When the weather is settled, the sun is intense and the nights frosty.

Parts of the trail are steep and slippery. Beware of bad weather and risks of exposure to the wet and cold (hypothermia). If caught in an electrical storm, take shelter and avoid prominent ridges. Beware of stinging insects and plants. Leeches can be a nuisance in the wet season.

Volcanic Hazards:
Although Mt.Rinjani has not erupted in recorded history, Mt.Baru (2,351m) in the crater lake is an active volcano. It last erupted dramatically in 1994. Check the notice boards for recent hazards, and take advice from park staff and guides.

Spring Water:
Fresh water springs are a feature of the trek and determine campsites. Your guide know where these are. During the drier months (July – September) some springs completely disappear. Park staff and guides constantly monitor these water sources to determine their abundance.

Our Philosophy

We deal largely in ecotourism & adventure travel, but for us adventures are not just the rugged kind. An adventure can take many forms and need involve little that is overly strenuous – to us every trip is a voyage of discovery and hence an adventure.

The guiding philosophy behind each is that the trip be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means impacting as little as possible on the peoples and places we visit, always respecting the distinctiveness and special qualities of each.

To sum up, we try:

– To learn from nature & other cultures

– To minimize impact on the natural & cultural environments

– To return something to the local community

– To facilitate self-determination for native peoples

– To promote sustainable tourism

– To have fun

The way we do it must be environmentally-friendly as well as economically and physically efficient. This means we trek, cook, camp and shows you more of the things with care and attentions. We use mechanized transport when we have to cover long distances in limited time; even so, we use local modes of transportation as far as possible to maximize exposure to the local lifestyles and to get close to the people. As a consequence, during the tours there is a lot of opportunity to learn about and from the indigenous peoples.

You are advised to ensure that your guide is carrying a radio handset or mobile phone. Our trek programme equipped with two ways radio communication. In a group of minimum 6, we also provide a dinning tents, emergency lamp, trek leader, rangers or Save And Rescue (SAR) team if necessary.

Telephone Communication During Hiking Mount Rinjani:
Cell phone (GSM) covers most area of Rinjani National Park. Most guide carry their own mobile phone. Not all cellular operators can be used. Pro XL and Telkomsel are recommended To Use During You Hiking Mount Rinjani

Rinjani Trekking Information: 6 Questions to Answer to Enjoy Epic Adventure

Gathering Rinjani Trekking Information is a must for anyone who is planning to trek on this mountain. By understanding more about Rinjani trekking, you can control your expectations and be well-prepared. Trekking Mount Rinjani sounds epic, but you need to answer these questions first before starting your adventure.

Can You Handle Hard Rinjani Trekking?

One thing you must keep in mind is that trekking Mount Rinjani is hard. A climb of 1500 m becomes the start of the Rinjani trek that will last over 8 km. The most challenging part must be the final 4 km of day one trekking which also becomes most of the elevation change. After all, it takes about four hours to conquer the last 4 km.

The trek is not only sandy and slippery but also super steep because of no trail maintenance. This circumstance makes the trekking experience harder and your body will be pushed to the limit on the way up this mountain.

You will start the trekking in the middle of the night on the second day for the summit attack because you do not want to miss the sunrise moment. You will experience the journey along a narrow trail with 1000 m of elevation gain covered with slippery and loose scree to get to the summit. The hardship does not end once you get to the summit because the descent will be as hard as the climbing or even worse for some people.

Which Trekking Tours Will You Choose?

If you think you can handle Rinjani trekking, the next question to answer is the tours you should choose. It will be associated with the route you will take. You are offered the option to ascend to Mount Rinjani from Sembalun or Senaru village.

You will likely depart from one village and descend to another village. Nevertheless, the recommendation is to start in Sembalun and descend to Senaru. This route might be the most common and popular choice. 

Nevertheless, you can also consider booking a private tour to take the less-used routes, such as from Torean or Aik Berik. The track will be more off the beaten, but if you are ready for a much harder trekking experience, you will be rewarded with superb views along the way.

How Many Nights?

When looking for Rinjani Trekking Information, you must not forget to pay attention to how many nights you will spend on Rinjani. The most popular option is three days and two nights. This option is recommended because you will have enough time to relax to enjoy the crater lake and hot springs.

If you do not have that much time and think that your body is strong enough for the hard trekking, the two days one night tour option is also available.

What about the Food?

You do not need to worry about the food during your Rinjani trekking tour because the guides and porters will set full-on camp kitchens that will serve you a plate of rice, stir-fried vegetables, tofu, soybean cake, and fruits for dessert. You will not have any peanut butter sandwiches for your food on the mountain.

Where Will You Sleep?

Your tent will be built at the campsite located on the crater rim. Another campsite can be found by the lake. There is no need to worry because the tent is clean although some might be too short for long bodies. You will be provided with clean sleeping bags and camp pillows.

How Much Money Will You Spend?

The price of Rinjani trekking Package can be varied depending on the tour provider, when and where you book the tour and the tour options you choose. Finding Rinjani Trekking Information about the provider will also be necessary because the cheapest offer might not provide you with some essential services, such as a toilet tent, garbage pack-out, good sleeping bags, and also an experienced guide.

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