Mt Rinjani Hike 3 Days 2 Nights via Torean

Mt Rinjani Hike 3 Days 2 Nights via Torean 


Our discussion of Mt Rinjani Hike 3 days 2 nights via Torean from us on this occasion can be a reference for those of you who are looking for a place to adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature. For that, make sure you listen to all the discussions that we have summarized below.

Indonesia is a country that is famous for having many active volcanoes with beautiful views. It is also an attraction for tourists both from within and outside the country to visit and explore its beauty.

Almost all regions in Indonesia have at least one volcano with its own beauty and uniqueness. One of the most popular trekking spots for tourists is Mount Rinjani. Therefore you can listen to our discussion on this occasion regarding Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean.

Mt Rinjani Hike 3 Days 2 Nights via Torean

Trekking is one of the recreational activities favored by many tourists. There are lots of interesting things that you can get by trekking. Starting from refreshing the mind because you can see the beautiful scenery, and also the added bonus of physical activity which certainly makes your body fitter.

For those of you who are interested in trekking, we will provide an explanation about Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean tour provided by Adi Trekker who is the best trekking provider in Indonesia and of course ready to help you explore Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani is a mountain located on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. Rinjani is the second highest active volcano in Indonesia with a height of 3,726 masl which has extraordinary natural beauty that you will not find anywhere else.

This mountain is a favorite of climbers and trekkers because apart from having beautiful views, the journey to reach it is also not too difficult. It’s no wonder that many people are interested in taking part in the Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean tour.

  1. Day 1 Trekking Rinjani Mountain Itinerary
  • The first thing you will do if you join this tour is have breakfast with delicious Indonesian specialties.
  • Then you will be invited to go to the Rinjani Trekking Center Torean (RTC) to register and prepare for trekking at 7-8 am.
  • Mt Rinjani Hike 3 days 2 nights via Torean your tour will open with a wide expanse that you will travel for 30-40 minutes from RTC.
  • After passing through a wide expanse filled with coffee trees, bamboo, various flowers, and so on, you will arrive at the entrance to the tropical rain forest.
  • Then your journey will continue by entering the tropical rain forest for 1 hour 15 minutes until post 1.
  • At post 1 you will rest for 15 minutes and then continue the journey until post 2 for 2 hours.
  • When you arrive at post 2 you will take a break for lunch which has been provided by Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean tour provider.
  • Then the journey will continue to post 3 and you will pass the Penimbungan waterfall.
  • After passing the Penimbungan waterfall, you will then arrive at post 4, namely Babanan Propok, which is 1,585 masl and take a short break.
  • The journey will continue with 2 hour walking until you arrive at the lake camp for camping and overnight at the lake to enjoy the amazing views.
  1. Day 2 Trekking Rinjani Itinerary
  • After trekking for approximately 5-6 hours and covering a distance of 8.2 km on the first day, you can relax more on the second day.
  • On the second day on Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean tour, you can enjoy the sunrise with beautiful views of the lake and volcano.
  • After that you will enjoy breakfast at Segara Anak which has been provided by Adi Trekker.
  • But it is possible that you can also cook the food that you bring before leaving for trekking with Adi Trekkers.
  • While waiting for lunch time, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake and hot spring water.
  • Lunch will again be provided by this best provider trekker so you just need to relax and enjoy good food.
  • Your journey will continue to climb up to the crater of Senaru by 3 hours walk.
  • After arriving at the top you will enjoy the sunset over Mount Agung Bali which you will only get if you take the Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean
  • The second day will be closed by camping at the crater Rim of Senaru and also enjoying a delicious dinner.
  1. Day 3 Trekking Rinjani Itinerary
  • The highlight of your trip will be on day 3, when you can see the sunrise from the crater Rim of Senaru along with the other tour participants.
  • Feel the valuable experience of enjoying the beautiful sunrise accompanied by a delicious breakfast.
  • After that, you must be prepared to travel back through the paths and posts that you have passed before.
  • Prepare your energy, because you will travel quite tiring for 5-6 hours and pass 9.2 km like when you left.
  • After arriving at post 2, you can rest for lunch which of course has been provided by the trekker provider.
  • You will arrive at the Senaru Rinjani Trekking Center around 1.00 pm.
  • With this the Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean tour has ended and you can continue your vacation to visit other tourist attractions.

This tour is perfect for those of you who like trekking with beautiful views that you can find on Mount Rinjani. You also don’t need to worry, because this tour will be guided by an experience guide and also porters who are ready to help carry your trekking equipment.

That way you can focus more on vacation and enjoy the natural beauty that Mount Rinjani has. Even so, you still have to prepare your personal trekking equipment such as trekking shoes, jacket, head lamp, daily pack, trekking pants, and so on.

This trip will certainly be more fun if done with your family or friends. So make sure to take them with you when visiting one of the best places in Indonesia for trekking on this one.

If you are interested in joining this tour, then you can contact Adi Trekker through our website. Make your best vacation come true by joining Mt Rinjani 3 days 2 nights via Torean tour with Adi Trekker.

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